Classroom Visits

Classes are always welcome at the Berry Center! We can provide classes and workshops to meet your specific educational goals, or you can tour the building's new, interactive exhibits, which can  be found both inside and outside of the building, and cater to all ages. Please contact us, so we can help make the most of your visit.

Biodiversity Workshops

bugboxes.jpgBiodiversity workshops can be tailored to grades K-12 and designed around a biodiversity topic of interest. Examples include: Plant identification, tracking of rare and sensitive species, the use of genetic data in biodiversity studies, Wyoming's special flora and fauna, and visits to the Rocky Mountain Herbarium or the Museum of Vertebrates.

Workshops can be tailored to meet specific learning goals, or to provide a broad overview of biodiversity science, the many methods that are used to study it, and the role that scientists play in wildlife and habitat management decisions.

Biodiversity Field Trips

db8dcd872fd688fab9401e9dfb985005_f109.jpgWho says that education only happens inside?  Biodiversity field trips are outdoor education programs focused on one or two topics, and allows the teachers and students to really delve deep.  All field trips are organized by Dr. Dorothy (associate director) and the class teacher to identify which topics to study, where to study them and for how long.  Many field trips also involve additional UW faculty who are experts in the given topic.  All field trips can cover multiple topics, ranging from biology to math, reading, social studies and more.

Pollinator Education

Pollinators are a critical group of animals that make plant reproduction (seeds and fruits) possible.  Much of the green bee reduced.jpgfood we eat, clothes we wear, medicines we consume, and materials we frequently use rely on a living organism to pollinate the plant it came from. The Berry Center gardens are an exceptional place to see a diversity of pollinators, learn about their habitat needs, and get a close-up view of the the co-evolutionary adaptations that have produced the wealth of plant and insect diversity. See more about our pollinator education program here.


siegreenroof.jpgUW Museum of Vertebrates - examine the mammals, birds, fishes and amphibians of Wyoming and beyond, and learn how speciation is an important process in nature.

"Berry Prairie" Green Roof - study the native plants and pollinators of Wyoming prairies on the green roof, and evaluate how green roofs influence urban dynamics and conservation.

Wyoming Natural Diversity Database - track Wyoming's rare and sensitive plant and animal species through mapping, data collection and analysis, and collaboration.

Stable Isotope Facility - using scales, microscopes and chemistry, see how weights of atoms can tell stories about a plant or animal's life history.

Schools, and other organizations that would like to organize a visit, please use this form to schedule your visit. We will contact you to talk through and help plan your visit. Contact Associate Director Dorothy Tuthill (307-766-6279 or with questions.

For Remote Educators:


We are committed to creating useful and fun biodiversity-related projects for your classrooms, even if you aren't able to visit the Berry Center.  Currently available programs include:

What programs would you like to see developed and used in your classroom? Contact us with your suggestions.

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