Citizen Science

Citizen science projects bring professional scientists and the public together for the advancement of knowledge--and they are fun!

The Biodiversity Institute hosts several projects to engage everyone with an interest in biodiversity:

bioblitz 2017 logo.jpgBioblitz is an annual, all-taxon inventory at a specific location, conducted by teams made up of experts and citizens, including teachers and children. In June, 2017, we will be conducting the survey at Casper Mountain.



The information gathered about monarchs and milkweeds in the state is used to inform conservation decisions for both the insect and plant species. We accept all observation--butterflies, caterpillars and host plants--from anywhere in Wyoming.


 RMAP-logo-sm.pngRMAP is dedicated to collecting data on amphibians in the Rocky Mountain region in a standardized manner. Data collected by citizens is crucial for determining the range and density of amphibians in our state.WinterMooseGraphic_edit.jpg


Data collected by citizen volunteers on Summer and Winter Moose Days are used by the WGFD in developing management strategies for local moose populations. This is a great opportunities for families to be outdoors. Participants need to register for a route and a brief training.

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