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The Biodiversity Institute is housed within the Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center, a beautiful public building that also includes scientific displays, laboratories, and biodiversity experts. Visiting classes have the opportunity to visit behind the scenes and meet with students and faculty involved in many kinds of research—from atoms to ecosystems. For example, visit the Stable Isotope Facility to learn how hair samples can be used to track animal migrations, or what fingernail clippings (even your own) tell about diet. Check out the specimens at the UW Museum of Vertebrates, and learn why research collections provide invaluable information to scientists. Spring and summer are great times to learn about the diversity of life just outside our doors--trees, flowers, insects and more. Tours can be customized to meet the learning goals of your class, from kindergarten to college. 

1ee6a9bb5e8cf259a0a054577ccc13c1_f700.jpgField trips

Want to learn outdoors? We do too! Biodiversity scientists may be available to join your class in the field, for vegetation identification and analysis, bird counting, investigations of aquatic invertebrates and more. Field trips can be an exciting day of learning all by themselves, or just the beginning of a project involving stable isotopes or molecular genetics research at the Berry Center.


No education would be possible without teachers! The BI supports teacher education and professional development through the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center. Most recently, we collaborated with SMTC and the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department to host an exhibit and workshop for preschool educators and students. If you are an SMTC student or thinking of becoming one, and would like to do a project at the Berry Center, we would love to hear from you!

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Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative (WyoBio) was designed with educators in mind! It can be a platform for student-designed research, a portal for the investigation of biodiversity data, and a resource for information on the landscape of Wyoming. However you use it, WyoBio is the best place to explore and contribute to biodiversity science.   You can read about WyoBio here, or go directly to the WyoBio education page, which has science standards-based lesson plans for students of all ages.

To learn more about educational opportunities with the Biodiversity Institute, contact Dr. Dorothy Tuthill, dtuthill@uwyo.edu, and 307-766-6279.

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